For his entire life, Cam believed that everything but the island was destroyed in an apocalyptic event. By the mercy of the Seraphim, Cam’s father Pastor was shown an island where he and a small community of the chosen would be kept safe, but only if they did as the Seraphim commanded.

Every morning Cam helps hand out communion while Pastor preaches to the devoted island population. When Cam’s sister falls ill, he is forced to find a way to save her, and discovers the sinister truth about his family and the very island he calls home. A harrowing game of memory and manipulation unravels, revealing that things are not always as they seem.

Main Cast

  • Claudia
    Nia Peeples
    Sharp, sleek, and dangerous, she controls a major pharmaceutical company and directly oversees its more covert endeavors. Those who cross her rarely make it long enough to say so.

  • Pastor
    Dean Kostlich
    Charismatic with a dark side, he is a natural-born leader who does not like having his position challenged. He grapples desperately with keeping control of the Mission, and himself, as events spiral out of control and his own children conspire against him.

  • Cam
    Patrick Wade
    He spends his days as a Beta assisting his father, but there is a rebellious streak in him. His world is turned upside-down when his sister falls ill by his own actions. His guilt and need to protect those he cares about propels him down a trail of discoveries that, piece by piece, unveil the horrifying truth.

  • Hannah
    Kayla Gibson
    Hannah is a new member of the Elect (a small group of young women who are meant to set an example of devotion and purity). Her mother, Ingrid, organizes the Elect, and Hannah finds herself at odds against both the Elect and her mother.

  • Felix
    Eli Maxey
    Mentally handicapped from a childhood accident, it is easy to dismiss him as the lovable simpleton. Despite his disabilities, Felix possesses more insight into the events around him than most. He is all heart, and will do anything for the people he cares about.

  • Reilly
    Samantha Rahmeyer
    Wily and knowing, she is a master of keeping secrets. When she suddenly falls ill, it is up to the others to uncover what she has already known for some time.

  • Victoria
    Anna Fontaine
    From a young age, Victoria has been Felix’s caretaker and friend. As a member of the Elect, Victoria does what she can to be an example of feminine purity and devotion to the community. Smart and strong, change can be hard for her, but as events unfold, she is forced to decide where her loyalties lie.

  • Lucius
    Jordan Frechtman
    Clean, rigid, by the books. He is completely devoted to Pastor and the life that he has been afforded on the island as a Beta, one of Pastor’s assistants. His is a world of order and logic. When that world is pulled apart, he must choose between his friends and his idol.


Story by

William Clark Warren

William graduated from Georgia College & State University in 2014 with a B.A. in Theatre. The following August, William began interning at Actor’s Express while working part-time at CATMEDIA. At Actor’s Express he built sets, hung lights, understudied, performed, and worked as an assistant stage manager. Through this experience, he gained a deeper understanding of the entertainment industry—both in class and in practice.

Following his internship, William was hired by CATMEDIA as a copy editor; writing on company blogs while also assisting the Program Management team as an account manager. In his off-time, William wrote a play entitled Mnemosyne. After discussing Mnemosyne with CATMEDIA’s CEO, Catherine Downey, she offered to develop and produce the play into a feature film. William now works full-time as a staff writer in CATMEDIA’s Creative Services group.

Produced by

Catherine Downey

In February of 2016, the creative minds at CATMEDIA began work on one of their biggest projects since the company’s creation. Catherine Downey and her creative team started the company’s entertainment division and soon began producing the company’s first full-length feature film, Mnemosyne. Downey took on the role of executive producer. With over 30 years of broadcasting experience, she felt confident that her company could pull off this project and blaze the trail for a new entertainment department.